Standard Books is business software meant for small and medium-sized companies.

  • The main package of Books includes all basic features that are necessary for accounting, allowing registering purchase and sales transactions, observing debts of the clients and the company’s payables. An automatic entry is made to the general ledger of all entered operations.
  • Books allows designing invoice forms by adding company logo and all the necessary data according to your company’s needs. As necessary, documents can be printed in the language that you need.
  • Books allows easy observing of expenses, entering purchase invoices and performing bank payments.
  • Thorough reporting of Books allows obtaining a clear overview of your sales figures, purchases and profitability of the company. The reports can be directly printed out, but also saved in PDF or Excel format for further analysis.
  • If necessary, new companies or users can be added to Books. The number of added users or companies is not limited.
  • You can use Books with a user interface in Estonian, Russian or English.
  • Books includes various e-services, which will make your work more efficient and effective.

The main package can be upgraded with many additional possibilities:

  • Logistics module allows easy obtaining of an overview of the inventory of different articles and the need for replenishing goods. You can use an unlimited number of warehouses and obtain an overview by articles, classes of articles and departments. Furthermore, it enables compiling purchase orders for suppliers.
  • Sales management module combines different sales support registers such as Offers, Sales Orders, Prices and customer letters. Data and prices of the client and desired goods and services can be registered for the offers according to the offer requested by the client. With one click Sales Orders or order confirmations can be compiled of Offers and then Sales Orders can be used for compiling Dispatch. Different pricelists and discount rules are also registered in the sales management module.
  • Fixed assets module allows keeping account of the fixed assets of the company and automatically compiling depreciation entries to the general ledger.
  • Expenses module allows keeping account of the reporting persons but also entering journey forms on the vehicles of the company.
  • Books includes integrated customer relationship management software (CRM), which allows easy sending of client letters, observing of the purchase habits of clients, but also recording communication related to a client.
  • Apartment union module is a rent calculation tool integrated with accounting, which is meant for apartment and housing associations. This module allows generating automatic invoices on the basis of readings and expenses and sending these invoices to the e-mails of apartment owners. Furthermore, the module takes into account the specific reporting wishes of apartment unions.
  • Salary module can be used for calculating the salaries of the employees of the company and submitting tax reports to the Tax and Customs Board. Automatic entries to the general ledger are generated of the documents of the salary module.
  • Point of sale (POS) module includes all necessary functions of retail sales. The POS module is fully integrated with the general ledger and warehouse module, providing the possibility to constantly obtain real time overview of the sales or inventory of the company as well as specific data of the client.
  • Resource planning module allows obtaining overview of the time use of different resources of the company such as employees, equipment rooms etc. The possible work times of different equipment can be entered and they can be booked as necessary.
  • Project accounting module allows, in addition to financial objects, an additional possibility of keeping account of profitability of different projects, as well as planning work of people related to the project and keeping timetables. Automatic invoices can be compiled for clients according to the agreed project budget and works completed.
  • Completing module allows solving of recording the business processes of production companies with simpler requirements. Different product recipes can be entered and automatic warehouse entries can be compiled according to them.
  • Contracts module allows easy compiling of periodic invoices simultaneously for many clients. Different products or services can be entered to the contract and order confirmations and invoices can be compiled according to the applicable prices.